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Eleanna Pitsikaki


Luludia & Agapi

Date: 17. July 2024
Time: 19:30
Location: akob-Welder-Weg 28, 55128 Mainz Saal: BLACK BOX

Abschlusskonzert des Projektseminars Interkulturelle Musikpädagogik
Dozentin: Eleanna Pitsikaki

Noor Jazz Quartet

Date: 21. July 2024
Time: 17:00
Location: Im Saal von St. Josef, Neu-Isenburg

Panta Rhei

Date: 23. July 2024
Location: BioTop Stuttgart

Balkan Fuego Trio Tour

Date: 31. July 2024
Time: 21:00
Location: Αρχαιολογικός Χώρος Καζάρμα Σητεία

Balkan Fuego Trio Tour

Date: 1. August 2024
Time: 21:00
Location: Archanes

Balkan Fuego Trio Tour

Date: 3. August 2024
Time: 21:00
Location: Ηράκλειο Πύλη Βηθλεεμ

Balkan Fuego Trio Tour

Date: 17. August 2024
Location: Jazz & Joy Festival Worms EWR Bühne

Jazz& Joy Festival Worms

Bridges Kammerorchester

Date: 26. August 2024
Time: 20:00
Location: Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Platz d. Deutschen Einheit 4

beim Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

Ensembles & Bands

Balkan Spirit

EPI Music

What does it sound like to stand on a cliff with the deep blue sea rushing beneath you? Feeling a warm summer breeze on your skin while the scent of oranges and limes tickles your nose?

With its unusual lineup, the band EPI Music merges different cultures, combining tradition and modernity. Free from the fear of contact and stylistic constraints, their compositions blend lyrical melodies and lively rhythms from the eastern Mediterranean with modern jazz harmonies in a completely organic way, creating an exuberant joy of playing.

The distinctive melodies of the Qanun give the music a completely unmistakable flavor and transport the listener to other worlds.



Balkan Spirit

Balkan Fuego Trio

Welcome to the world of Balkan Fuego, where the pulsating rhythms of the rhythms of the Balkans meet the passionate intensity of flamenco in a unique fusion that can only be found in our trio.
Our music is a powerful journey through the diversity of the Balkans, infused with the captivating energy of flamenco. We weave compositions and arrangements that have been specially created for our unique
unique instrumentation of Qanun, Kaval and Guitar, creating sounds that are sounds that are unattainable elsewhere.
Vladimir Dindiyiakov on the kaval, Eleanna Pitsikaki on the qanun and Dennis Merz on the guitar.
Balkan Fuego – a name that not only describes our music, but also the passion and the fire that we ignite on stage.
Our performance is more than just a performance, it is an explosion of joy that shines in our eyes and echoes through every note we play.
Let us sweep you away as we push the boundaries of traditional music and deliver an experience that will ignite your senses and make your hearts dance. Welcome to Balkan
Fuego Trio – where the music burns and the soul awakens. ‘Balkan Fuego Trio’ was launched in 2022 as part of Bridges – Musik Verbindet brought to life.

Balkan Spirit


“Established in 2021, the ensemble Eliá embraces the musical traditions of its musicians. It showcases original compositions blending Latin American, Arabic, and Greek influences, alongside contemporary, transcultural arrangements of traditional songs from the Mediterranean region. The term ‘Eliá’ originates from Greece, signifying the olive tree a beloved symbol for all the musicians. The olive tree has perennially held significance as a symbol, much like how music signifies development, respect, love, symbols, and life for us.”

Balkan Spirit


“RIZA was formed in 2021 as part of the transcultural music initiative, Bridges – Kammerorchster. Comprising three women Eleanna Pitsikaki on kanun, Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff on flute, and Nicola Vock on double bass. RIZA derives its name from the Greek word “Ρίζα” {roots}. Riza symbolizes the origin of life, growth, and development—reflecting precisely what music embodies for the trio.

They intertwine their roots and musical traditions within the ensemble. Additionally, RIZA presents their own arrangements of music originating from diverse regions worldwide, fostering novel connections between musical traditions. Their program encompasses various styles from the Mediterranean, Latin America, and European classical music.”

Balkan Spirit


“If you are equally captivated by classical and oriental music, the transcultural music of the ensemble Lel will surely enthrall you. Musicians Rabie Azar from Syria (viola) and Eleanna Pitsikaki from Greece (qanun) united in 2022 as part of Bridges – Music Connects, skillfully blending their musical traditions. Through a magical fusion and improvisational elements, they seamlessly combine European classical music with the rich sounds of the Orient and the Mediterranean.”

Balkan Spirit

Tiny Bridges

“Concerts boring?
Sitting still for ages and listening to slow music? Not with Tiny Bridges! This ensemble, known for its dynamic and popular music initiatives, promises a captivating musical adventure. Picture this: a lively narrative about friendship unfolds through a blend of fast and soothing rhythms, showcased on a diverse range of instruments, accompanied by enchanting melodies. Tiny Bridges isn’t just about showcasing great music from around the world; it’s an invitation to join in! The ensemble creates a space for musical encounters without borders, inviting you to dream, dance, clap, sing, or simply tap along.

Let’s introduce the musicians of Tiny Bridges: Nicola, the double bass player who adores climbing; Eleanna, the qanun player who embarks on thrilling concert tours; Youssef, the percussionist who can create incredible beats with any object; Dana, the clarinetist with a passion for Frankfurt; Samira, the harpist who enjoys hip hop; and Khadim, who’s a multi-talented musician, singing while playing the flute simultaneously!”

Oriental Jazz Project

Noor Jazz Quartett

The ‘Noor Jazz Quartet’ uniquely blends classical jazz elements with sounds inspired by the Middle East. Comprising four members proficient in a diverse range of instruments, the ‘Noor  Jazz Quartet’ emerged from the ‘Bridges-Kammerorchester’ project. Delivering classical jazz expertise are Eduardo Sabella on bass and Peter Klohmann on soprano saxophone. Eleanna Pitsikaki mesmerizes with the ‘Qanoon,’ while Mirweis Neda sets the rhythmic pulse using North Indian tabla drums. Notably, musician Peter Klohmann frequently adds sparkle to the stage performances with his witty and humorous comments.”



“Since 2019, the Bridges-Kammerorchester has been a convergence point for freelance musicians and their instruments hailing from various regions across Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Comprised of orchestra members adept in European classical music, classical Arabic and Persian music, jazz, Eastern European folklore, and contemporary music, the ensemble embodies a rich diversity of musical expertise.

Through collaborative and co-creative processes, orchestra members compose and arrange a significant portion of their repertoire. This approach fosters the development of musical pieces that not only render multiple identities audible but also exemplify how diverse cultures can harmoniously coalesce without sacrificing their individual identities. In crafting this musical style, we aim to showcase the vibrant tapestry of Germany’s societal diversity, pioneering a new, transcultural sonic narrative.

In 2019, the Bridges-Kammerorchester was honored with ‘The Power of the Arts,’ one of Germany’s most prestigious cultural sponsorship awards, recognizing it as a nationwide flagship project promoting diversity and integration on an equal footing. Furthermore, for its debut album ‘Identigration,’ produced in collaboration with hr2-kultur, the chamber orchestra received the German Record Critics’ Award 2/2021 in the category of Border Crossings. This accolade underscores the significance of our unique sound language and celebrates our artistic endeavors right from the inaugural album.”




Eleanna Pitsikaki is an international qanun player, soundscape explorer, composer, arranger, music educator and mediator of intercultural-traditional music. Member of the Bridges – Kammerorchester  of the Intercultural Initiative and board member from 2022 to 2024. In addition to her concert career, Eleanna leads the Bridges Intercultural Music Conferences. She is active as an educator and participates in numerous school programs and workshops. She also teaches oriental music at the HfMT in Cologne as well as being a visiting professor at the HfM intercultural music exchange . At the same time Eleanna is a professor at the Freies Musikzentrum in Munich. As project leader, she has founded two ensembles of her own: EPI Music and the Balkan Fuego Trio.

In 2020, she collaborated and starred in a ZDF documentary highlighting Crete and the instrument Kanun. In 2019 she had the honor to perform at the International Festival Sharq Taronalari in Uzbekistan, Greece and Germany.

Her musical journey began partly self-taught and led her to study world music at the Popakademie Mannheim. An Erasmus stay at the HKU Conservatory in Utrecht and a master’s degree in jazz improvisation at the HFMT in Cologne have shaped her artistic development. She is currently also studying systemic psychotherapy at ESYTHEPAS Athens. Her further education also extends to elementary music pedagogy and early musical education. from EOPPΕP Crete. In 2018 she received her diploma in Byzantine music from the teacher Papachronis Giannis from the school of Agios Stefanos. In 2015 she represented Greece at the second Kanun Festival at the State Conservatory in Ankara. In the same year she was a soloist in the Plovdiv Orchestra in Bulgaria.


  Eleanna Pitsikaki: Music education at the highest level

Discover the fascinating world of transcultural music with Eleanna Pitsikaki, an experienced music mediator and lecturer. Eleanna discovered her passion for teaching music at an early age and now shares her extensive knowledge and experience in workshops lasting one or more days.


Qanun Workshop & Lesson: From the basics for beginners to advanced techniques – here you will not only learn the theory, repertoire and history of kanun, but also experience practical music-making.

Transcultural music ensemble: Experience the diversity of global music pieces, learn scales, rhythms and the analysis of different instruments. An inspiring experience for all music enthusiasts. At the Hfmt Cologne, Eleanna leads an ensemble for oriental music with great commitment.

Osmanic Maqam workshops Immerse yourself in the world of makams with well-founded theory, a multifaceted repertoire and making music together. The analysis of pieces conveys a deep understanding of this fascinating musical tradition.

Byzantine music Gain a unique insight into the world of Byzantine music. From scales to reading and understanding notes – this workshop opens doors to a rich musical tradition.

 Music ensemble for childern (early childhood music education): Music as the key to children’s positive development. In this workshop, the little ones discover the world of sound and develop their mental and physical abilities through play.

All workshops and lessons are available both on site and online. Take the opportunity and get in touch to book Eleanna Pitsikaki for your musical events. Immerse yourself in a world full of sound and cultural diversity!

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